Twifty Mobile Banking – “Powerfully Simple”

Twifty specializes in e-commerce processing, corporate disbursements, and remittances. It aims to globally provide convenience and cost-effective online payment processing services.

Services for businesses: TWIFTY provides credit card processing, Ecommerce processing, Corporate disbursements, fraud and risk management, invoice management, and dispute resolution.
Onboard merchants can directly accept credit card payments from customers purchasing their products and services.
Businesses and merchants can pay employees through our Mass Pay option, and email invoices to customers who purchase products and services.
Business customers can integrate TWIFTY directly into their shopping cart and checkout systems. TWIFTY streamlines the purchasing process for customers and simplifies receipt payments for merchants.

Services for individuals: TWIFTY provides flexible deposit/withdrawal options, localized banking, wire transfers, multi-currency, prepaid cards, and mobile payments. It allows customers to load/unload their E-wallets through bank transfers, open/closed loop cards, bank wires, or through direct debit.

TWIFTY account-holders can easily change the currencies of their funds in their E-wallets.

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