Selectcoin – “Simply Disruptive”

Selectcoin offers a POS Cryptocurrency solution to provide easy and hassle-free buying and or selling of Cryptocurrencies through our retail partners. Our solution is interconnected with our Selectcoin card and POS footprint that allows anyone to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies through a streamlined and simplified manner. Our custom and proprietary solution makes every POS terminal a Cryptocurrency exchange.

How does our SELECTcoin solution stack up against the competition?

While our competitors are spending millions of dollars on physical ATM locations to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, we have adopted a proprietary solution that turns any of our retailers’ POS terminal into a Cryptocurrency exchange for a fraction of the cost, and with no maintenance required.

Competitor’s Solution: Bitcoin ATM’s

  • High Cap-Ex cost to company per location
  • Maintenance required
  • Takes up retail space
  • Not easily scalable
  • Requires higher fees to consumers
  • Not Proprietary – Any company can manufacture ATM

Our POS Solution

  • Low Cap-Ex cost to company per location
  • Retailer can be set up in minutes
  • No maintenance
  • Not hackable
  • Easily scalable
  • Low consumer fees
  • Closed loop card system
  • Proprietary

Learn more in our Selectcoin video below;


Fintech Cryptocurrency Analysis 9-22-17

Fintech Bitcoin ATM Map 9-22-17

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